Symphony orchestra

Meet the Norrlandsoperan symphony orchestra and learn more about our musicians.

Grand symphonies

Norrlandsoperan’s symphony orchestra, with 47 world-class professional musicians, performs both newly written and classic symphonic music, and is visited each year by soloists and conductors from around the world. Many of the musicians also appear in other musical contexts, including our children’s and family shows – and it is, of course, always our symphony orchestra that plays music at our opera performances.

Guest conductor Ville Matvejeff

Conductor Ville Matvejeff is the principal guest conductor and program director for Norrlandsoperan’s symphony orchestra for the 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 seasons. He will continue as program director for the 2024/2025 season. Matvejeff is a dynamic conductor with rich international experience and previous engagements for Norrlandsoperan’s orchestra. With the opera “Love and Politics” in the fall of 2020 and several concerts during the spring, he has already demonstrated his ability to bring a unique sensitivity and understanding to the music.

His mission focuses on introducing “the new” in our repertoire, with a special eye for 20th century and contemporary music. This means more attention to international newcomers among composers, expanded collaborations, commissioned works, and a dedicated effort to highlight female composers.

Bold principal conductor

The Brazilian conductor Eduardo Strausser is the new principal conductor for Norrlandsoperan’s symphony orchestra starting the 2024/2025 season. He takes over as program director for the 2025/2026 season. Strausser is an internationally sought-after conductor who comes to Umeå and Norrlandsoperan with extensive experience working with orchestras all over the world.

Strausser’s mission initially extends until the end of the 2026/2027 season. In addition to being a recurring conductor at both concerts and opera, Strausser will be responsible for developing the orchestra – both as a whole and in its individual parts. In his role as program director, he will continue to develop Norrlandsoperan’s artistic profile where, among other things, music by female composers and music written during the 20th and 21st centuries will continue to play a clear role.


What today is Norrlandsoperan’s symphony orchestra was originally a military band formed as early as 1841. The string section was added in 1976, a couple of years after the founding of Norrlandsoperan. The symphony orchestra received its current form and formal status in 1991, and in recent years, the orchestra has experienced considerable development. Norrlandsoperan’s Symphony Orchestra has been recognized and awarded many prestigious prizes, including Grammis. The orchestra was also nominated for a Grammy Award for the recording of the album Urban Concertos, featuring music by the American composer David Chesky.

The Norrlandsoperan symphony orchestra


Vacant – First concertmaster
Vacant – First concertmaster
Miguel Chamorro – Second concertmaster
Pontus Björk*
Clara Bjerhag**
Per Erik Andersson
Nicole Ladenthin 
Matias Malmqvist
EvaBritt Molander
Andreas Olsson 
Kersti Wilhelmsson
Mikhail Zatin
Kitiara Braune


Malgorzata Blaszczyk*
Ester Forsbeg**
Åsa Hjelm


Bekhbat Tsagaanchuluun**
Karin Bjurman
Kerstin Isaksson
Kristina Tereschatov


Jan-Emil Kuisma*
Charlotte Petersson**
Josefin Landmér


Ebba Wallén*
Pepita del Rio**


Yui Ito*
Johannes Ögren**


Tania Villasuso Couceiro*
Jonas Olsson Hakelind*


Maria Hellström**

French horn

Orvar Johansson*
Yerang Ko
Edna Fernandes**
Anders Kjellberg


Malin Silbo Ohlsson*
Andreas Carlsson Walleng**


Peter Nygren*
Daniel Hedin**

Bass trombone

Mathias Petersson*


Linus Mattsson*


Maximiliano Polo*


Jonas Olsson

The symphony orchestra applies rotation between and within the violin parts.
* tuning leader
** alternate tuning leader

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