Our operations

Norrlandsoperan exists to create space for bolder performing arts and a braver society – where more people have the opportunity to think, feel, act and experience something new. We offer opera, orchestra concerts, music, dance and art, with our main focus on the Västerbotten region, but we operate in the four northernmost counties, with a special focus on children and youths.

Dansare i vita kläder på en mörk scen
Stolthet & fördom Program


At Norrlandsoperan we present opera that is accessible to everyone – no prior understanding required, just an open mind. Opera is a dynamic hybrid form where the traditional meets the innovative, and where singing, drama, music, text, and visual expressions interact. We strive for the highest possible quality by collaborating with national and international artists of the absolute top class.

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Experiencing a concert by the Norrlandsoperan Symphony Orchestra means encountering live music at the highest level. For us, it’s a privilege to offer magical moments created by professional musicians, conductors and soloists. Each performance is a shared experience that becomes a lifelong memory, both for our audience and our orchestra.

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Today, Norrlandsoperan is one of Sweden’s strongest stages for contemporary dance. We don’t have our own dance ensemble but focus on national and international collaborations. With our dance performances, we offer something for all ages and tastes, from the experimental and innovative to the established and traditional.

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The goal of Norrlandsoperan’s music operations is to create unique, high-quality, and enriching music experiences in the Västerbotten region. By dividing our orchestra into smaller ensembles – which also collaborate with external musicians – we reach every corner of Västerbotten, from smaller communities to nursing homes.


Vita Kuben at Norrlandsoperan is a space for contemporary art, with a particular emphasis on sound art and video installations. Here, we explore themes such as environment, humanity, and future visions, giving our visitors the opportunity to encounter the power of art and experience and reflect on something new.

Opera outside of the Opera – focusing on children and youths

Norrlandsoperan wants everyone living in the Västerbotten region to have access to a rich cultural offering. We particularly focus on ensuring that children and youths get to experience and engage in culture – wherever they are in the region. Every year, we tour with performances for both the general public and schools, and annually, 30,000 people experience opera, dance, music, and concerts in the four northernmost counties.

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Projects and collaborations

Norrlandsoperan creates experiences for many and various people. To succeed, we have several important partnerships and projects.

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