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Free dance life

Dans i Västerbotten works to ensure that the county’s professional dancers, educators, and choreographers are given the opportunity to work within the county. The dance consultant activity aims to anchor professional dance in the county, work on strengthening the free dance life and the conditions for production.

Project support

Continued education for professionals

Continuing education for professionals in the field of dance is organized every year. The form and content are often developed in consultation with professionals through Danscentrum Norr and additional direct contact with those not affiliated. The goal for Dans i Västerbotten’s efforts is for professionals to be stimulated for further development within their respective areas of knowledge.

Continuing education is organized annually in cooperation with the dance consultants in the northern counties to enable meetings between professionals in the north. Stay updated on upcoming continuing education and workshops via the calendar here on the website.

Residencies in Västerbotten

Being in residency means that the choreographer and dancers come and work for all or part of the work at a selected location that is not their home. The goal is for a learning and fruitful exchange to occur between both parties. Dans i Västerbotten has the opportunity to offer residencies annually in cooperation with other organizations. Contact Dans i Västerbotten if you are interested in obtaining a residency in Västerbotten.

Do you want to tour in Västerbotten?

If you, as a free group, are interested in touring for a young audience and joining Dans i Västerbotten’s tour offerings, please send information about your performance to the dance consultant. The performances included in Dans i Västerbotten’s tour offerings are developed in consultation with a reference group consisting of the dance consultant and cultural coordinators from the county.

Organizers can seek organizer support from Dans i Västerbotten to show dance performances for a public audience and for schools. It is not possible to apply for organizer support for performances that are already included in Dans i Västerbotten’s tour offerings for children and young people as they are already subsidized.


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